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Grazexin containing Xaluphenol™

Grazexin is a unique brand of naturally derived, stabilised activated plant polyphenols, is proven to be comparable to routine antibiotic programmes in reducing diarrhea and to zinc oxide in maintaining piglet performance during transition.



Grazexin helps to maintain a healthy and functional gut

Grazexin was as good as the farm’s routine antibiotic program in reducing diarrhea score in newborn piglets.¹ Difference of faecal score between treatments and routine farm antibiotic program were not statistically significant.


1. Lee et al. (2017). Assessment of IQV09 as a potential antibiotic alternative feed supplement for neonatal piglets: effect on growth performance and gut health. Poster presented at The 8th Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress, May 2017.

Grazexin maintains performance without ZnO

Grazexin was as good as the farm’s routine zinc oxide in feed program in improving weaned piglets’ performance.²


2. Colnago, G., and Arioli,  E. (2017). Field study to evaluate the efficacy of IQV10-S01, a complementary feed for weaned piglets, administered orally after weaning to reduce the incidence of moderate to severe post-weaning diarrhoea in pigs caused by enterotoxigenic E. coli.

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As new legislation limits your choices over how to support transitions through the rearing process, you can continue to progress with new options unchecked, having already tried and tested a solution that works on your farm.

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There are limited places available on our Europe-wide trial.

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