Grazexin is proven

As  a  complementary  feed,  Grazexin  may by applied liberally with existing livestock rations, while its mode of action and efficacy is backed up by solid science. There is a wealth of data to support  Grazexin's use that is generated by producers across the world.

Grazexin contains Xaluphenol™, developed by ground breaking bio-tech company Zaluvida. This unique, stabilised form of naturally derived activated plant polyphenols maintains intestinal health through a variety of mode of actions.

Studies have shown that Grazexin is comparable to routine antibiotic programmes in reducing diarrhea and it’s a viable alternative to zinc oxide in maintaining piglets performance.

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This means that it’s a great choice for farmers looking ahead for long term solutions to secure the future of their farm.

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The benefits of Grazexin

  • Prevents harmful bacteria (and their toxins) from attaching to the gut cells

  • Tightens up the gaps between gut cells blocking harmful bacteria from getting into the bloodstream

  • Decreases the inflammatory response by binding and blocking chemical messengers in the gut

  • Has a broad spectrum antimicrobial effect, possibly by destroying bacteria directly and preventing them from clustering together.


Mode of action

Grazexin maintains intestinal health through a variety of mode of actions

What? How?
Blocks attachment of pathogenic bacteria and toxins Binds lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and prevents adhesion to intestinal cells. Also forms irreversible complexes with bacterial amino acids to prevent adhesion to host gut walls.
Maintains gut integrity Confers protective properties to compromised gut mucosal tissues
Decreases inflammatory response Reduces expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as TNF-α
Microbial inhibition Disrupts bacterial cell wall functionality and inhibits quorum-sensing